Maria Montessori said, “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.” At Montessori School of Regina, we believe in holistic education that fosters independence, diversity, and respect. We believe in the child’s natural ability to wonder and explore the World around them.  Providing an educational experience where every child can develop who they were made to be!


Our Pre-Primary Montessori program is designed for children 2.6-5+ years. This is offered in two locations: East (101 Mayfield Rd.) and South (3515 Pasqua St.) campus.

Under the direction of a teacher and teaching assistant the children explore the Montessori areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural/Science, Math, and Language. The pre-primary program is individualized to the unique needs of every student where they are given free choice and moment throughout the classroom. Our pre-primary program provides Montessori materials, activities, and vibrant art projects for creativity and exploration and a Music program once a week. We believe the importance of developing the whole child: Physical, Cognitive, Social, Spiritual, and Creativity.

  • Half-Day Montessori Program (AM) – 8:45 AM to 11:30 AM (5 days per week in accordance with the school calendar)
  • Half-Day Montessori Program (PM) – 12:45 PM to 3:30 PM (5 days per week in accordance with the school calendar)

At Montessori School of Regina, we understand the need of full-day care for pre-primary children. Children needing a full-day care would be enrolled in our Montessori Program (Half-Day) and our Creative Arts Program (Half-Day) making them stay at school 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM. This option is only available to students attending the Pre-Primary program at our South Campus (3515 Pasqua St.)

What is a Creative Arts Classroom: Under the direction of the head teacher, the children in our creative arts classroom have the opportunity for creative expression and to enhance their social, play, and self-help skills leading to their growing independence. Our Creative Arts Program students have an opportunity for a quiet rest time in the afternoon and are provided multiple experiences to develop all developmental areas and needs. Creative Arts is a beautiful extension of the Montessori classroom where all pre-primary teachers collaborate providing the best educational experience for each individual child.

Full Day Montessori Program:  Our full day Montessori program is offered to a student ages 4 to 5+ years and who has been in a Montessori Classroom for a year or more.

What about Kindergarten? Because Montessori School of Regina is mixed ages, our kindergarten students are part of our pre-primary program; offered 5 days a week. Once the child is Kindergarten aged, the head teacher will complete a report card for their future educational journey.

Before and After School program: These programs are offered for any student needing care prior to or after the main programs in the day. This is subject to availability. Please contact the office to check slots available.

    • Before School: 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM
    • After School: 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM


At Montessori School of Regina, elementary education is offered from grades 1-8. It runs from 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM; 5 days per week in accordance with the school calendar. The Elementary Program is divided into four multi-grade classrooms – Lower Elementary (grades 1-2), Middle Elementary (grades 3-4), Upper Elementary (grades 5-6) and Senior Elementary (grades 7-8). Our elementary programs are based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations on the second plane of development. During this stage of growth, students aged six to twelve are innately learning socialization, reasoning, peer identity, and moral development.

Dr. Montessori believed that education should prepare a child for all aspects of life. Education must be holistic and address not only a children’s cognitive development, but their emotional, social, and physical well-being too. Multi-grade classrooms promote whole child education and offer many advantages: Students interact with a variety of peers, opportunities for peer tutoring, role modeling, and leadership increase, academic competition is reduced, and children observe the natural progress of their education.

Children develop and reach developmental milestones at varying times so their needs are more readily met in mixed age groups. At Montessori, we believe in development of the whole child to prepare them for their future goals and endeavors. Following the Saskatchewan Curriculum and Guidelines our Montessori students explore their classroom environment at a level that is appropriate to each individual child. This allows children to work at a higher level or spend extra time in units or lessons to ensure understanding.

A Montessori elementary classroom looks different than a traditional classroom, with students moving freely and given individual choice. You will notice in our elementary classroom’s students working at a table, on the floor on a mat, and on different activities and lessons than their peers.

Cosmic education is an important foundation of Montessori elementary classrooms. Students are introduced thematically to broad topics in science and culture. This helps pupils understand the world and their place in it. Cosmic education describes the interconnectedness of all aspects of our universe.

As a Qualified Independent School, our elementary programs follow the Saskatchewan Education Ministry’s curricula and outcomes in addition to the Montessori Elementary courses. Elementary children progress from using concrete materials to abstraction. Students follow essentially their own, unique curriculum based on their needs, readiness, and interest. Children have the freedom, independence, and resources to take initiative of their own learning.

Students in our elementary program receive report cards three times yearly. Parent-teacher interviews are conducted in November and March.

Before and After School programs are also offered in Elementary, same time as indicated above. This is also subject to availability.

For more information about programs, please contact the office through email at or call at 306 522 1500.