The MSR is governed by a volunteer board of directors elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting in November. All parents/guardians are members of the MSR by default, and are encouraged to actively participate in the democratic process by attending and voting at the Annual General Meeting.

The board is a governance board as opposed to an operational board, and is responsible for setting the long term Strategic Plan and Goals of the MSR. It sets long term policies, establishes the budget (including tuition fees), and offers guidance to and employs the Head of School. The Board has several committees to help it do its job, which include: Finance, Facilities, Marketing, Nominations, HR & Governance, Occupational Health and Safety, and Fundraising.

MSR’s Head of School is responsible for the operation of the school. The Head of School hires and supervises the staff, leads the development of curriculum, works with the board to set school policies and procedures, and handles the day-to-day administration and financial management of the school. The Head of School is accountable to the Board of Directors.

If you would like any of the monthly meeting minutes or other publicly available information, please send an email request to

Chair – Ian Cole

Ian has been a member of the MSR since 2013, and has been a member of the board for three years. Before moving to Regina he was a Process Improvement SME and PM working in Strategic Planning and Evolution on several large transformational projects. He has two children in the Elementary program and is currently a Project Coordinator with Drew Consulting Ltd.

Secretary – Courtney Balkwill

Courtney lives in Regina with her husband and two boys who attend the pre-primary program at Montessori. Courtney works as a Consultant at SaskPower in the Independent Power Producer Development area.  Courtney has been on the MSR Board since October 2018 and is serving a two-year term.

Director – Mewael Eyob

Director – Devon Hack

Director – Odette Belton

Director – Jesse Keith

Director – Nichole Bourgeois

Director – Vacant