What Happens Next?

How will my child handle the transition from Montessori elementary to the traditional system of education?  That is the question many parents pose when questioning the best route for their child to take.  Many follow-up studies have shown that Montessori graduates have little to no trouble with the transition.  Most excel academically as well as socially. Because they have had sustained relationships within the multi-age groups, they have insight into personalities of various other children.  They make friends easily and have a balanced outlook on life.

Montessori graduates are usually level-headed and good problem solvers.  Their project orientation emphasizes working “outside the box” beyond set limits to gain a complete knowledge of a subject. They seek real understanding.  They do not study just to get good grades; they study because they love to learn.

Not only do these graduates excel in what they know, but also, they are recognized for their social interest, willingness to do service and faith in adults.  Montessori is character-building.  It encourages taking initiative in choosing what to do and when to do it.  They are able to combine industry and creativity.  The community values and cosmic view of Montessori inspire a moral outlook on the stewardship of the environment and on the dignity and purpose of human endeavor.  Because Montessori has educated the whole child, its graduates are well rounded young adults.

Montessori graduates feel they can and do make a difference in their communities and in the world.  What more can you want for your child?