In a Montessori Pre-Primary Environment

The pre-primary classroom is made up of children of mixed ages from two and one half years of age to five years. Each child is usually with the same teacher for three years. The children learn from each other and because of each other. Younger children can look forward by watching the older children. The older children are able to reinforce their own knowledge by sharing it with those younger. Because of constant interaction, children learn to take responsibility for themselves and each other. They learn to get along with children of different ages and abilities, to respect each other’s work and work space, and to treat each other with courtesy. The classroom becomes a thriving community where children are treated with dignity and respect and learn to treat others with the same dignity and respect.

Every inch of the classroom is specifically designed to allow learning. Each piece of material is a progression from the next and all of them have a specific learning objective, while still engaging the children, completely.