A Montessori child has the same teacher for every three years, while attending Montessori. As a trained professional, this “enlightened generalist” has knowledge deep enough to know the fascinating details of each of the disciplines and broad enough to connect those details into a “big picture” across the disciplines.  A Montessori teacher does not specialize in subject matter, but specializes in the “whole child.”  A teacher who has a child for three years gains an intimate knowledge of the child, which is seldom possible in a one-year classroom relationship. The teacher is keenly tuned in to the unique personality of each child. This sensitivity permits the teacher to “direct” the child into areas of natural interest.  



     Aleli de Jesus – Pre-Primary                                                           Ambreen Baig – Pre-Primary 



      Amy Feruglio – Creative Arts                                                      Brandee Demyen – Grade 1 – 2




Brittany McNiece – Pre-Primary                                                         Maria Hameed – Pre-Primary




  Michelle Waffle – Pre-Primary                                                       Miranda Lisoway – Grade 7 – 8     



      Steve McAllister – French/Music                                            Teryl Burry – Pre-Primary