Following the Montessori Philosophy

Montessori School of Regina, Inc. adheres to the unique educational method, based upon scientific observations set out a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori. She observed children’s almost effortless ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings, as well as their tireless interest in manipulating materials. The Montessori philosophy aims at developing this desire to learn by children, using their natural curiosity and love of knowledge. They are able to learn and acquire an ‘inner discipline’ free of the need for external reinforcements. They teach themselves.

To educate the whole child, Dr. Montessori felt the child must have the freedom to learn at his or her own pace and in an individualized and self-directed manner. The Montessori teachers guide the child’s energies into constructive learning channels, taking into account the differences in learning styles and pace. The environment is specially prepared to encourage directed, independent learning. This is the core of the Dr. Montessori educational philosophy.