Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs: French and Music

Students of all ages participate in small group, French, and Music classes throughout the week facilitated by our BMUSED (minor in French) teacher. The classes enhance the classroom experience by providing students with well-rounded instruction by a specialist teacher of the alternate subject areas. The Specialist Classes are included as part of The Regular Program and are already factored into the tuition of The Regular Program. Music activities complement the child’s work. Folk songs and historical ballads meld with the area of history. Singing “Oh, Canada” or building their own musical instruments such as maracas, flutes, and drums integrates with their cultural studies and art.

Let’s not forget about Art, Culture or Physical Activity

A vitalizing part of the already integrated Montessori environment, is art, culture and physical activity. Art projects are a natural extension of classroom work for every age group. These projects reinforce and expand academic and artistic skills.  Jewish, Ukrainian, First Nation and Metis are some of the visitors received by the students at Montessori.  They welcome and learn from the stories, the art, the music of many cultures entering their classrooms. Visiting a sacred site and sleeping overnight in a teepee can lead to many conversations.  Physical activity is also integrated into the day, whether through a walk in the park, digging/planting in a garden or kicking a soccer ball.